domingo, fevereiro 11, 2007

Elogio da Loucura 25

- Ficas com os sonhos.
- Só? Não tenho direito a mais nada?
- Não. É tudo quanto te resta.
- Só me restaram os sonhos?... Nem sequer umas malassadas?!


Blogger Jorge said...

One morning I woke up. I had a strange feeling as I looked around, something was missing. The bed was cold. I stood up and went from the bedroom to the hallway, from the hallway to the living room, from the living room to the kitchen…something was missing. But the TV, the sofa, the fridge, and everything else were at their right place.
I could feel this huge pain in my chest. As I stopped looking what was missing and settle down, I started to remember episodes of a life which I could not identify as mine. Episodes of a life full of dreams, happiness, and hope. Were those episodes from a movie that I had seen in a lonely afternoon? Of were they from a warm story that I was told in a rainy day? As I insisted to remember these dreams that were hidden for some imperative reason inside of me, I was suddenly approached very quietly by a mysterious anxiety and an endless sadness. I started seeing vividly flashes of cheerfulness that would strike me like lighting in a thunderstorm that you can only experience in the tropics. All these emotions where released from my spirit. This dichotomy of feelings that placed in one side the brightness of my dreams and in the other the distressing thought of having them lost made me puzzled and confronted with the question: how can pleasant dreams hunt someone and why did I released these dreams from my spirit? Like from the mythology, God had given me a box to place all dreams that could remind me of what I lost in the past or what I was not able to reach. This special box was to remain closed, but my curiosity, of maybe my melancholy, made me open Pandora’s box! As with Pandora, I released all the miseries of mankind but leaving something very important inside – hope – which will remains to this day my sole comfort for misfortune.

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