quinta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2007

Quando Eu Era Pequenina #4

Sentava-me em frente à máquina da roupa e ficava a vê-la girar. Um ciclo de lavagem inteiro.


Blogger Jorge said...

Since the time you were a child and stared at the washing cycle, your eyes have not changed. They have now exactly the same expressiveness. I have seen your face and your body drifting alone in the stairwell. Were you lost? If some days you cannot find you way home, follow your heart and it will lead you to a safe harbor. A place where human nature does not exist and as long been banned. This week, when I say you, your eyes seemed to be able to reach the soul of anyone just by looking at them. Can you see people’s souls? What have you seen so far? Reading your memories I would have to imagine that reality has overcast the dreams you had a long time ago, a time when the most important things in life were watching washing cycles. Life itself, as we know it, became a constant and intriguing washing cycle.

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