quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2005

A Vida-Sonhada-dos-Anjos Tem #1

1) Duches quentes e demorados após um dia de trabalho
2) Camas feitas de lavado, com lençóis de linho bem esticados
3) Chocolate quente em tardes de Inverno


Anonymous Anónimo said...

"Vida-Sonhada-dos-Anjos" must be a name of a book, which I don't know. Certainly the life of an angel is not easy, always walking or flying all around us. Someone knows if all the angels have wings? Long time ago someone told me, follow the star-dust and catch your shooting star. A twinkle one I guess.

Well, I discriminate the honey life of the weekend, from the typical top of the gauss curve cosmopolitan day during the weekdays. Picking the morning weekend, I guess that is nothing better than being seated in the porch with a cold nose and a hot chocolate.

Even so, that choice is not open, so I guess I’ll stay with a good hot shower.

Just my penny

12:35 da manhã  

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